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Men and Myths:
The re-envisioning of the classic Vampiric Villain

Traditionally vampires have been seen as the metaphor for the “other”; the part of our world that we could not understand. This popular view point became canonical via Bram Stoker’s Dracula. That canon has been swept aside in the past few decades and the idea of the vampire as an “evil creature of the night” has been replaced with the vampire as “a romantic hero”. Often, the vampire is the protagonist of newer stories, the one in which we are supposed to feel more sympathy for than disgust. One of the most obvious literary examples of this phenomenon is Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. Rice’s narrator, Louis, differs so greatly from the traditional Dracula that he even goes so far as to claim Stoker’s tale is merely a myth. Popular culture has taken the notion of the vampire and marketed it in a way in which the vampire is rarely feared anymore. Vampires have become romanticized since the days of Dracula – this phenomenon is due in large part to societies acceptance of “the other”; while we still live in a world where people still fear “the other” our society has come a long way in attempting to accept what they don’t understand – through popular culture and media sources an understanding of the vampire as closer to human and truly representative of our dark side.

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A few years ago, back when I was a MTV junkie, I turned on the tv and low and behold this beautiful raspy voice fills my ears.  I avert my attention to the television and watch as a young girl and boy are trapped in a glass room, the Video was released in January of 1997. With those first few notes of “Superman’s Dead” my obsession with Our Lady Peace was born. I immediately headed out to Sam Goody and bought their second album “Clumsy.” Read the rest of this entry »


In this case, I’m speaking of graduation from College or University as those up in Canada like to refer to it. Uni, so weird to my southern American taste but I’ve gotten used to it after a while. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m a complete pop culture  wench. I love TV (my family thinks way too much) and Movies and books. Though I doubt that I ever bought anything on the Oprah Book Club Reading list. No! Wait, I take that back I think I did, but it was for school and an awesome read. She’s not too bad. There are shows I watch religiously and then there are shows I wouldn’t admit to watching if you paid me. Alright I take that back I would tell you if you paid me. Any offers? Read the rest of this entry »

It’s not exactly a new concept. Seinfield certainly took the cake on “about everything” with their wildly popular show but it’s nice not to limit yourself or your creativity when you have so much you want to talk about on a place like this.

A two idiot explodes a sphere.