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What is with Popular Culture and the Media today?

Posted on: February 22, 2010

I’m a complete pop cultureĀ  wench. I love TV (my family thinks way too much) and Movies and books. Though I doubt that I ever bought anything on the Oprah Book Club Reading list. No! Wait, I take that back I think I did, but it was for school and an awesome read. She’s not too bad. There are shows I watch religiously and then there are shows I wouldn’t admit to watching if you paid me. Alright I take that back I would tell you if you paid me. Any offers?

Let’s take the Tiger Woods scandal. CNN, CNN people are putting Tiger Woods as a lead story when there is still so much pain and suffering happening in Haiti that really needs our attention. Tiger made a huge mistake, one that you are welcome to judge him for but must we continually remind him and his family of this heartbreaking incident by begging for the public consumption of this man and his families entire life? I don’t think most people think about that; his children, his wife. Maybe you think it’s his own fault, because he’s in the media, you say he put himself in that position right? Well when was Golf such a big deal? When FANS put Tiger on this pedestal and he became far more than just a Pro Golfer, he became a celebrity – and we gobbled up his success and his failures like it was the best thanksgiving dinner we’d ever had. We continue do to this.

Why? Because we are a society in decline. A society that consumes and consumes. If this is apparent by the tabloids and the fact that CNN cares more about Tiger than Haiti; it’s in the number of McDonalds (Hey I love Mickey-Ds) and Starbucks on every block in just about every town.

Consumption. CONSUMPTION. That’s what its all about. Sometimes it could be an interesting look at the way our society is declining. Sometimes it’s cause we’re hungry, hungry for more tragic news to make our lives seem less sad or horrible. Wasn’t that the whole point of “The Jerry Springer Show”? I mean that’s why I watched it – also to mock. I like to mock and snark.

So What’s the deal America? Or Canada? Which is currently where I live, though I am American in case you were curious.

What is it they say about the fall of Rome. That we’re suddenly there – all this need for women to look like tiny models on the runway who don’t eat enough. I say be healthy no matter what your size is, you’re beautiful; just be healthy.

but I think that’s saved for another post …


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