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What the heck do you do after graduation?

Posted on: February 22, 2010

In this case, I’m speaking of graduation from College or University as those up in Canada like to refer to it. Uni, so weird to my southern American taste but I’ve gotten used to it after a while.

Me? I started College back in Alabama, yep, you heard me – Alabama. I went in with no clue what I wanted to do; and decided on this interesting Tri-Subject Major my school offered at the time. It was Political Science/Pyschology/Philosophy. Of course, like a lot of other college students I changed my major, strictly to Political Science first and then later to Creative Writing. Long story short I ended up leaving that College and moving and then moving again until I ended up in the beautiful Province of British Columbia Canada – The How, well that again is saved for another topic – where I finally finished my degree. With a concentration in English.

You know what they say about an English degree? I think I heard a joke about it on “How I Met Your Mother” the other night. “The emotional equivalent of an English Degree” talking about all the knowledge you don’t get to use about a person when you break up. Sadly, it can be true unless you end up with a dream job for an English major and very few of us end up with that.

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer, truly, down to my soul it’s what I’ve wanted to do. Since I wrote my first really bad poem in 7th grade called “Puppy Love” no I’m not kidding. I will admit that humiliation! My problem is that I tend to start things I don’t finish.

So what does a girl like me do after graduation? So far? I’ve held a decent part time job which ended up just not being the right fit for me. Now, it’s time for me to spend almost every waking hour looking for a job that’s not menial and degrading that will help me with my massive debt.

I don’t know how many people I’ve talked to who feel like even just looking for a job right now is like a full time job in itself. Your resume must be perfect, you should know exactly what you want and god forbid your cover letter leave something out. The pressure is enough to drive anyone crazy and even those who graduated years ago are still having this problem.

There are those lucky people who are really good at one thing and they majored in Business or Finance and those people are lucky (at least in comparison) they know exactly what they need to do, exactly what they have to offer every single company that they’re applying to; but the rest of us? Well we’re struggling.

So what do you do after graduation? Try for the online routes and all the other sites like it. But also check for Work Search Places in your city, The Paper, Word of Mouth and Friends and Family.

But don’t worry. Everyone is terrified after graduation. I’m still terrified and I’ve been out of school a year. We’re all searching for that thing that’s going to start our real life, the life we’ve heard about forever. The life we see on tv and in movies that just make us want to be or do something special. Sometimes those lives are unrealistic goals but other times you should just go for your dream.

If you have to get a job you don’t like for a while to work on getting your dream job? Do it? If you want to write see if you can freelance, build up your resume. Be persistent. Write everyday if you can. Never give up on your dreams.

If you’re not a writer, there is always hope to figure out a way to get things done. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!


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