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Old Review of Our Lady Peace

Posted on: February 23, 2010

A few years ago, back when I was a MTV junkie, I turned on the tv and low and behold this beautiful raspy voice fills my ears.  I avert my attention to the television and watch as a young girl and boy are trapped in a glass room, the Video was released in January of 1997. With those first few notes of “Superman’s Dead” my obsession with Our Lady Peace was born. I immediately headed out to Sam Goody and bought their second album “Clumsy.”

The fan base began to grow as Our Lady Peace began touring overseas and in their native country of Canada. It wasn’t until around 1997 that the band broke through in the United States. Duncan, Jeremy, Raine, Mike (who has now departed from the band), and Steve, the members of Our Lady Peace released their first single “Birdman” in 1994, later that year “Starseed” which appears on the “Armaggedon Soundtrack” was also released to the radio. In 1995 their first album “Naveed” was released in the US. It wasn’t until “Superman’s Dead” hit the MTV scene that OLP was recognized as talented.

Even now OLP doesn’t get the credit they deserve. They hooked us with “Naveed” and “Clumsy”, touched us with “Happiness is not a fish that you can catch”, stunned us with “Spiritual Machines” and now they have inspired us with “Gravity.”

The single is “The story of a girl” which will ensnare you with Raine’s smooth voice telling about the world through the story of a girl. He continues to hold your attention with smooth tracks such as “Innocent” and “Made of Steel.”

Sitting in a dark room listening to OLP is sure to cure any uneasiness and simply put you in a relaxed mood. The lyrics that strike you, “I don’t want to be a puppet for you, I don’t want to bite the hand that’s feeding.” Each song expresses different aspects of the human condition – struggle with love, life and self-discovery.

So who’s the best band your not listening to? Our Lady Peace. If you enjoy smooth, meaningful music that can pull you in, and allow you to escape your cramped life, give them a try.

Written for “The Gargoyle” my College News Paper in 2003


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